Selling Used Server Processors Nets Many Companies Significant Amounts of Cash

Many companies are now planning to decommission data centers that are no longer needed because of the increased adoption of cloud-based services. In most cases, the assets within a data center will have been obtained with large investments, and plenty of value will remain within them.

The central processing unit, or CPU, that powers a rack-mounted server, for instance, will often have cost a thousand dollars or more, and many data centers contain dozens or hundreds of these parts. All that it will normally take to recover most of the remaining value is to make use of a high quality CPU liquidation service.

Even Many Older CPUs are Still Quite Valuable

High-end server CPUs like those in Intel's Xeon family are designed to outperform desktop parts in a wide variety of ways. A Xeon from any recent generation will often feature eight or more cores, along with massive amounts of cache memory relative to the norms for desktop processors.

Naturally enough, it inevitably costs a significant amount of money to buy such premium-level parts to install in data center servers. A single Xeon from the high end of the range, like the E7-8894, can cost nearly $10,000 at retail.

While other parts of a rack-mount server will often have a value of their own, CPUs regularly top the charts. As such, often all that it will take to recover a majority of the value latent in decommissioned servers will be to sell processors as they are recovered from each one.

Specialized Services Make It Easy to Turn Server CPUs Into Cash

Fortunately, there are now companies that have the skills and capabilities required to quickly and efficiently sell CPUs on behalf of their clients. All that will be needed to sell used CPUs to such a business, in most cases, will be to get in touch to request a quote and get the process started.

The service will then normally ask for any additional information that might be required while also making the necessary preparations on its side. It will then typically be possible to transfer the retired CPUs to the buyer and to expect payment relatively soon thereafter.

Information technology asset disposition options like these consistently help companies recover significant portions of their earlier investments. With so many businesses today preparing to retire servers, and even entire data centers of their own, interest in selling used processor parts has been rising steadily for quite some time and will almost certainly continue to do so.


  1. Well, it is true that many data center decommissioningare adopting cloud based services due to its increased in speed and easy accessibility of the cloud based server system and its is well-known proverb that old is gold and so many old cpu's are still working at its best speed than new ones and they are quite valuable and gives the best ever performance than the old ones.


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